Century Plant

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Desert water storage system,  a beautiful form.


Homage to Manuel Alvarez Bravo

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Agave Ocahui

Bravo made similar images of this subject,  Salute.

35 million years ago…

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Strange organism develops a foothold on our planet

Torch Lily

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Torch Lily

Taro in Full Bloom

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With broad leaf as backdrop and full dressing at bloom this is more portrait than typologic.

Taro was most likely native to Indonesia, now widely cultivated from India to Spain. Arvi, as it’s named in India is thought to have arrived there about 5000 BC. The leaves are high in oxalic acid which is steamed or boiled away. It is a very common dish in many cultures, except ours.

Like the lily, That once was mistress of the field and flourish’d, I’ll hang my head and perish.

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-Quote from Shakespeare, Katherine Henry VIII

This is variously known as Taro (Polynesia), Native Lily (Australia) or Cunjevoi also Aussie. In full flower it looks similar to Calla lily, none of which are true lilies.

This falling is typical in late summer.

Living Fossils

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Print size 10 x 7 1/2 in.


Cycas Revoluta

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Sago Palm

These four images were made between ’04 and ’07. The Sago I shoot is probably one of the oldest in the United States, at over 9 feet tall it is an extremely large example. I have not been able to find out when it was planted.

Around since the Cenozoic, Sotetsu as it’s named in it’s native Japan, is one of the oldest known organisms on earth. To look at it grow here, brings to mind the breadth of time and the strange wonder of all the plants that lived then-  yet,  didn’t make it to our era.

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