Having eyes in the back of your head

August 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dawn Redwood print

Dawn Redwood print

When making images, sometimes it’s planned and other times serendipitous, usually the chance image tells me to follow up with a more extensive study.

The good images are always a surprise. A general idea in mind helps with motivation to seek the new. It’s a balance between having a project in mind yet being open to a new way to image it. It’s helpful in my work to set it aside for awhile and let the image speak for itself and then proceed. Sometimes it takes years to see why I needed to make a capture.

It helps to let the prints tell me where to go next.

The Dawn Redwood was rediscovered in the Sichuan-Hubei region of China just before WWII. The last natural stand is down to about 5,000 trees. It is is critically endangered in the wild. Local villagers refer to it as Shui-sa or “Water Fir”.

During the Mesozoic this Redwood was widely distributed in the northern hemisphere and this particular planting in the 1940’s reunites it with the Americas.

Print size:  13×19 in.


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