Apricots and an old man

August 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

When our family moved back here in the early 1970’s I started hearing stories about how it “used to be” We bought a house in the old part of town. Our neighbor Mrs. Thompson had an old apricot tree, gnarled and twisting up, cared for by an old man who rode around town on a bicycle with a wire basket in front. He pruned the apricot once a year.

The tree was beautiful to look at. Branches guided, jagged, perfectly toward the sun by an expert hand all those years.

The valley here had once been mostly ranches, walnut, cherry, apricot, plum, Ansel Adams took a famous shot here. Orchard Early Spring . It shows the fruit trees in full blossom at front, rolling on to the bare trunks at back against a glowing mustard covered ground under all.

When I look at the Adams print, I remember how those ‘cots would taste, sweet -make the back of your throat twange and I wonder whatever happened to the old man on his bicycle.

almond_dougstocks Jackson Street Almond

Every spring this old curb-side Almond Tree with it’s weathered dead wood surprises me with a new growth of leaves. It is on the City side of the walk and I hope to see it prove itself for a long time coming.

Print size 12×12 in.


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