A Flag of the United Plants of America

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This group of cacti make me think of presence, purpose and symbol. If plants were crazy for politics perhaps this would make a flag for rallying. Or it suggests a grinding dance, a conjoining of slow motion spirals, each participant with it’s own steps or evolution.

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End of Summer Taro

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End of Summer Taro

Banana Flower

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Banana Flower


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3rd print:

An early 20th century astronomical observatory being renovated for use as an archeological teaching and research site.

I have been reading Robert Adams:

…we are now compelled to recognize that we have no place to go but where we’ve been. We’ve got to go look at what we’ve done, which is oftentimes pretty awful, and see if we can’t make of this place a civilized home. We’ve in a sense built a house, but we haven’t made it a home.

Aerial Stack Sky

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2nd print:

The large stack built to direct emissions from some 1950’s manufacturing effort, now decommissioned. Rooftop with three vents, one directional T.V. antenna (now defunct) and a mysterious looking antenna device. Featureless sky.

Aerial Cypress Sky

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Things do fit together, ultimately. Some situations bring the beauty forward long enough to capture.

Here are three prints that aren’t related to historic Santa Clara Valley flora, they are part of another project. A break from the bananas and all.

1st print:

Two contrails, two aerials, and two cypress. After effects. The cypress planted decades ago,  stretch, the aerials installed  to receive broadcast television are superceded by cable. The contrails from morning flights, in the southwestern wind. The sun reflects off the aluminium with re-purposed placement.

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Composition is the strongest way of seeing   –Edward Weston

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