Magnolia Forms

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Palm fronds and fruit branches

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I have launched

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I have secured my domain name and found a website host. Check out . My current project Native Range Uncertain is set up in a gallery with some brief notes on the portfolio and subjects at a separate page. Please have a look and see if you like anything. Follow the link, bookmark the site.

Taro and Fern

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leaves042New Print


10-1/2 in. x 15-1/2 in.

A Gallery of Images

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These prints are currently available.

Signed, dated on reverse, open editions.

11 in. x 16 in. and 11 in. x approx. image size,

with 1-1/2 in. margins

$50.00 per print,

(3 for $120.)


8 in. x 10 in. and 10 in. x 10 in. approx. image size

$40 per print

(3 for $95)

Shipping in the U.S. $10.00; FedEx, Ups, U.S.Postal, or if you are local, you might like to view them and save on shipping. I would be happy to set up an appointment. Call my Google Voice # and leave a message. 408-692-5042.

All inquiries are welcome, leave a comment